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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition which can cause heel pain. It happens when the strong band of tissue on the sole of your foot (fascia) becomes irritated. People can suffer from plantar fasciitis after repetitive use or due to poor foot posture. Most commonly it occurs in one foot but is possible to have it in both feet at the same time.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis:
Pain or tenderness in the heel or arch of the foot
Pain with initial steps in the morning or after a period of rest
Walking short distances may alleviate pain but longer distances could exacerbate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.
Pain with sudden stretching of the sole of the foot. This could include going up on your toes or up stairs
Pain with prolonged standing or when wearing flat or unsupportive footwear

What causes plantar fasciitis?
Often there may be no obvious cause for plantar fasciitis. However, certain risk factors include:
Sports which require shock absorption from the foot, over or under pronation.
Overtraining or a sudden increase in training intensity.
Heavier people may put excessive strain on the plantar fascia.
Inappropriate footwear.
Chemical changes by menopause or hormone treatment. 

Treatment - Do not follow Dr Google's advice!
Our advise to treat Plantar Fasciitis differs from the traditional antiquated methods as our understanding of the issue has improved. We receive a constant stream of referrals from both GP's Surgery's and Hospitals and have successfully treated over 800 sufferers. We provide a purpose built specific plantar support orthose, which work extremely well alongside a short consultation in store or by telephone for our mail order customers. The price of this including orthotics is an unbelievable £30. 


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