Our Story

The original store opened in 1984. In our first years we sold general sports goods and fashion sports clothing including items by Lacoste, Sergio Tacchini, Ellesse and Fila. With high profile stores in Walsall, Merry Hill and the Gracechurch centre, the shop and its custom evolved over the years to become what it is now, a sports specialist.

Ok I admit it, it all started to keep my CV levels up during the off season, but then it grew into an obsession averaging 150K per week. I was picking up injury after injury, and not surprising the state of the art running shoe was inter silver shadow. I ran in a shoe called Adidas Boston, it would be known now as a racing flat. In those days there was no knowledge of bio-mechanics or gait analysis, most runners took pain killers and gritted their teeth.

As running technology increased, so did my appetite for more understanding. I now receive daily referrals from Hospital Consultants, Surgeons, G.P’s, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors etc. for gait related medical complaints such as Plantar Fasciitis, ITB syndrome, shin splints and other functional disorders which seem to be on an increase.

18 years ago I used a shovel of wet sand in two baking trays to perform what was known as the ‘wet sand test’ giving a basic how you stand test. This has now been replaced with a 4 stage thermal image pad used by top mechanics and podiatrists across the world and also used by us in Lichfield as a static tool. We also have a treadmill in store with a high speed camera. This is linked to medical grade motion gait analysis comparison software which detects any rotations of the foot or legs.

With over 35 years of experience we offer gait analysis to all of our customers advising on control, cushioning and fit ensuring that the right shoe is chosen. Our range of technical running clothing extends from head to toe with out customers ranging from 1st time joggers to record breaking marathon, and ultra marathon athletes.

We are specialists in rugby union offering expert advice. We supply at every level of the game from mini tag teams to rugby legend and England coach, Martin Johnson. Rugby is my passion. I started playing at the age of 11 very proudly representing my school. Today and over 40 seasons later, the passion and pride is still with me representing Spartans 4th team and once a year, the legendary tour with Lichfield Old Boys on International Duties.

I also take great pride in introducing rugby to non-playing schools by coaching as a community coach within various schools. We operate a small web shop for those living out the area but prefer visits to give advice regarding the correct boots and equipment needed for each position. We also offer the warrior range of bespoke club playing kit from under 7s to 1st team rugby as used at a national and county level. We have supplied rugby players and teams for over 20 years giving us a deep knowledge of the game and the equipment required to both play and coach.

We sell a comprehensive range of sticks for the beginner to the expert.


Advice is free and personal visits are welcome.