Gait Analysis


For road running purposes, we recommend a motion gait analysis.
This service is £20 or free of charge when purchasing trainers on the same day.
Gait analysis takes approximately half an hour and involves a few 20 second runs on the treadmill.
Please wear or bring along any running shoes that you have been using, as well as your shorts or tights; we have a changing room in store.
Please Note -  Please contact us if you are running any later than 5 minutes, this is to ensure that there is enough time for your analysis to take place. 


Below is an example of the gait analysis:

In this image, we have a runner who is averaging at 5-10k per week, looking to up their mileage. As you can see on the left picture (before) we have an extreme over-pronation of 12.8 degrees, which can be detrimental to the foot and ankle ligaments, knees and hips as this young runner progresses with her distance. We took into account the amount this runner heel strikes when running, the height of her arches and her over-pronation, and came to the conclusion a shoe with a medial post was the most suitable for her. This has not only rectified the over-pronation (right picture), but has also re-aligned her tibial and patella tracking which will massively reduce the risk of injury whilst increasing her distance.


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